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Do i need to exercise to stay healthy?

ou don’t have to train like an Olympic athlete to have a positive influence on your health. How much – or whether – you exercise depends on what you’re hoping to gain. If you’re after buff arms, toting around a toddler or doing housework may help, but it’s not going to get you Jennifer Aniston arms. Any amount of activity can positively affect your health and well being, and it’s up to you how much activity you incorporate into your daily, weekly or monthly schedule. You should also take into account your limitations – such as weak joints, fragile bones, […]

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Eating to live longer

The science is clear: Eating the right foods can lead to a longer, healthier life. Yet some people, as they get older, find it harder to eat right. This can happen for many reasons: Maybe they don’t feel like eating. Maybe they have trouble cooking or eating. Maybe they don’t know what’s healthy. Maybe they do and they just don’t like the idea of kale. “You know what? You can live a long, healthy life and never eat a piece of kale,” says Cheryl Rock, a professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California, San Diego […]

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Health is Wealth , do you agree?

I agree whole-heartedly with the saying “Health Is Wealth”. If a person is not healthy then he or she will find it very difficult or even impossible to enjoy life, even though he or she may be very rich. If I am asked to choose one from two of the following things, which will I prefer: health without wealth, or, wealth without health? Without hesitation I will choose the former. There is no doubt. Wealth is generally associated with how much money a person has, that is, how rich he is. An uncle of mine is very rich. He has […]

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