Snow Phyll

Snow Phyll


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Best Aid in Gastrointestinal problems:Refined, low fibre & animal fats contribute to major diseases – start in the colon. Gastrointestinal problems can be best treated by improving the digestion & assimilation. High chlorophyll content aidsin loosening & cleansing the colon

Promotes formation of haemoglobin & red blood cells:Haemoglobin is the iron-containing substance that provides red blood cells their red pigment &  transports oxygen to the body tissues. Rich in magnesium that gives a high alkalizing effect to thebody. It helps in rebuilding & replenishing the red blood cells which is responsible for boosting ourenergy. –

Detoxify toxins that cause chronic illnesses:  Reduces the binding of carcinogens from foods like cooked meat products that damage the DNA & other organs of the body, particularly the liver.

Beneficial in assimilating calcium & other heavy minerals:  Very easy to absorb & assimilate. It can assimilate calcium & balance other trace minerals to rebuild,replace & exchange with the new tissue

Fights infections:   Contains anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory compounds of Vitamin A, C & E that help to reduce inflammation, kill harmful bacteria & kill germs by strengthening the tissues

Treats bad breath:Bad breath is caused by oral bacteria that reside in a person’s mouth & it excretes odoriferous waste products. Snowphyll acts as deodorizer that eliminates bad odour & reduces the stringent smell of urine,          infected wounds & faeces.

Skin rejuvenation:Reinforced skin barrier, better skin hydration, less visible age spots, fresher, better moisturized  & smoother skin

Managing Blood Sugar & Weight Loss: Has the ability to prevent blood sugar spikes & inhibit sugar digestion, suppresses cravings and prevents fat from being made

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